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    • Colosus: Licitatia Colosus S.R.L.

      Term and conditions: These terms and conditions

      ONlive auction event: A combination of an online auction on the platform and a live auction event organized by Licitatia Colosus S.R.L.

      Bidder/Buyer: The party who is offering to buy an equipment is the bidder and who becomes the buyer on the moment he won and bought the equipment on the ONlive auction event.

      The Seller: The party who initially offers his equipment on the auction


      Website: or

      Equipment: New and secondhand machines and accessories

      Sales contract (1): The sales agreement which is concluded by the Bidder / Buyer and Colosus

      Sales contract (2): The sales contract which is concluded by the Seller and Colosus

      Lot: A Equipment or group of equipment offered for sale at the ONlive auction event as a single unit.

      Terms and conditions: General terms and conditions of Licitatia Colosus SRL “For the bidder/buyer”

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